Wonderful setting, ideal centre to explore the countryside
The cottage is beautiful and the grounds are amazing - what fabulous views!
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Le Grys Farm is the the Grade II listed home of Sarah Shoesmith and her husband, Michael. Sarah is a garden designer with a passion for conservation. The gardens are a haven for wildlife and a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the view. An owl swoops low over the fields, hares race across the farm track and on a clear night, the vast Norfolk sky shimmers with stars. Painted by artists; studied by historians; and loved by anyone who treasures wildlife, Le Grys Farm is a very special place indeed.

We have two properties available for you to choose from - The Old Farmhouse and Garden Cottage.




Le Grys Farm has been occupied since at least the 13th century and the gardens have produced a little Roman pottery and a considerable quantity of Medieval pottery.

It is thought that in 1580, a farmer became rich enough to rebuild his ancestral home and employed a carpenter who knew the latest styles of decoration but still followed the same building plan as his grandfathers.

As a result, the layout of the farmhouse is old fashioned by 16th century standards, but the beams are rather grand for a farmhouse.

An extension was added in 1780 and this “new” extension is now home to the kitchen, two bedrooms and the breakfast room.